Thinking of selling? Estia can help you.

Selling a property involves market knowledge, strategic positioning and great value pricing. Luckily we can help you with that.

How does Estia approach the process of selling?

We simplify the process of selling a property in Georgia. Fair-priced market value and assisted guidance is always our goal. Let us help you as well! This is the process:

Property evaluation

The first step is for us to evaluate your property and determine the best possible value for it based on what we know the offer and demand is. Researching the market and properly pricing your home can be is very important, but no need to worry, we will assist you in this process. Our goal is to get you the best and fairest deal possible for what your property is really worth.


There might be repairs of replacements necessary in order to make your property in perfect shape for selling. An inspection is something to be expected as a second step, if this is the case.

Listing the property

Once the market value is determined and the property is in top shape, let’s move on to prepare all the documents and put up for sale!

Viewings and showings

Once you property receives interested buyers, we will set up visits and showings of the property in the way that works best for you and them.

Offers evaluation

We will assist you in evaluating all of the offers, to make sure you are indeed getting the fairest deal possible. Negotiation is an important step, so we are here to help. Inspections and repair requests are also something to be expected at this stage, as it’s part of the deal negotiation.

Close the deal

With the best offer and deal closed, you sign off the property title and take on the next step of your journey! If this next step involves a new property, you know we can assist you with that as well. We are here to help.


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